Best Ping Pong Paddle Under $50

When it’s time to enjoy the leisure activities at your home, you will need something fun to keep everyone in the family occupied. Imagine entertaining your friends and family during reunions, celebrations, or special events in the backyard or downstairs in the game room. This is what buying a table tennis set can do for you. And no tennis set will be complete without the ping pong paddles.

Table tennis or ping pong is a great way to occupy time with an exhilarating, high-velocity game of endurance and fast competitive thinking. You need to respond every millisecond to the ball being tossed around on the table. The game of ping pong originated in England during the 1880s, mostly played by upper-class members of the royal family. They used it as a form of after-dinner recreation. Now, the game of table tennis has exploded in popularity all over the world from America to China, where some of the best players reside.

There are several great ping pong paddle sets available to use with your brand new table. Choosing the right paddles is very important to meeting the needs of everyone who will play on the table.

Our Rating of the Best Table Tennis Paddles Under $50

How can I make a proper buying decision if there are so many ping pong paddles and sets on the market? Great question! Below is a comparison table showing you the important specs and features for an informed buying decision. Compare everything for yourself and match the information with the advice outlined in the Buyer’s Guide section. Things such as measurements and materials will be covered. Take a look:

BeLegend Ping Pong Paddle Set (4 rackets, 3 ping pong balls, and case) – The Best All-Around Ping Pong Set $

This product comes as a set of 4 rackets; two red paddles and two black paddles. The package also contains three ping pong balls, each with a saber tooth tiger logo on the front. A stylish BeLegend red zippered case is a travel-friendly companion to store the paddles. Most professional players will find these paddles extremely useful for improving their skills. Great for practice! The plywood base serves as a strong foundation for generating extra strength when smacking the ball around. There is a 1.8 mm yellow sponge that holds the back side and front side together. The total thickness of everything combined is 12 mm. The paddle is 10’’ tall and the rubber is 6’’ tall. After purchasing the paddles inside a new condition from Amazon or a physical store, there is a 60-day, 100% money back guarantee for a full refund. The company honors this rule in case you are dissatisfied with the purchase for any reason.


  • Stylish case
  • Designer ping pong balls
  • Affordable
  • 60-day money back guarantee
  • High-quality; made in the USA
  • High-end; professional grade ABS paddles


  • Family and friends will want to use the paddles all the time

Are These Paddles Recommended?

Definitely. There is a minimum amount of reviews that can be found for this specific item, but they all are 5-stars. There are no 4-, 3-, 2-, or 1-star reviews. We tried really hard to find them and they do not exist. Many customers absolutely love this product! The elegant red and black paddles will match great with a solid-green ping pong table. Moreover, there is a customer satisfaction guarantee in case you do not like the product. This means you stay protected with your purchase and can buy with confidence. They come in a stylish travel pack to take anywhere. I believe if I had this ping pong paddle when I was growing up, I would be a professional player right now!

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STIGA Supreme Performance-Level – Made For The Professionals $

This product is made for the professional table tennis players who need reliability and exclusivity. The blade comes in a solid red with an automatic Italian composite black wooden handle wrapped in multi-colored streaks for easy gripping, better handling, and entertaining gameplay. Representing superiority and genuine value, the inner padding is made with a Future Inverted Rubber that is very strong to the touch. There is also a Shock Dispersion Tube that will absorb the ball’s vibrations and transfer energy outward for better handling and maneuvering. Since the rubber base is made with an ITTF approved material, it has a reputation of performing well in tournaments. There is a 2 mm sponge between the rubber inside the blades for getting better control of the ball. 6-ply extra light blades give the player better accessibility. This creates a balance that increases recovery during those high-energy professional tournaments. Moreover, the ball sensitivity rating also rises with these high-end characteristics to create even more ball control. There are several important performance ratings that you need to be aware of with this product. They are Speed: 90, Spin: 92, and Control: 90.

Performance or Technical Issues

A customer reported that this product has a weak topspin that prevents full playing capabilities. The same customer says that it also has bad ball control.


  • Stylish
  • Made for the professionals


  • A bit expensive
  • Does not come as a set
  • Does not come with a warranty

Is This Paddle Recommended?

Although this product is made for the professionals, it might be better for intermediates and beginners to use. Based on the performance issues, the professionals will notice an obvious difference that prevents this product from performing to the best of its abilities. However, if you are using this paddle just for playing around the house or in the basement game room during some leisure time, it will be perfect for that activity. I remember playing table tennis against my friends as a kid. If my mom bought this paddle for me, I believe I would have beat them. However, if I was playing in a professional tournament, I would probably choose another paddle.

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Palio Expert 2 Table Tennis Racket & Case – Helping Beginners Become Pros $

This paddle will help beginners turn into professional table tennis players. It is constructed in a way that encourages your hand to get comfortable gripping the handle. Customers can choose between the red and black paddles. There is a blue case that has a signature Palio logo scrawled on the front that arrives in the package with the paddles. This case is shaped like the paddle for a compact snuggle fitting. The paddles are made with high-quality rubber for transferring the energy out of the paddle. This process diverts the ball in a direct fashion. And it creates a great amount of spin. This unit is ITTF approved, so delivers high-end capabilities for better control. The base is made of wood, so it automatically fits comfortably in your hand. A great choice for beginners. The performance ratings are Speed: 6/10, Spin: 9/10, and Control: 10/10.


  • Subtle design
  • Good price
  • Good grip
  • Great control
  • ITTF approved


  • Poor quality
  • Poor handling
  • Bouncy rubber
  • Customers report that this paddle did not stick to the ball
  • Customers report that the material is very sticky when arriving to your home

Should You Buy This Paddle?

This product has a high-quality build, but it might not be strong enough or perform great enough for professional players. Still, it is a good option to buy overall. It has a high amount of control. That is a huge benefit for defensive players wanting to develop their skills into offensive capabilities. There are ITTS approved materials, so this product is regulated by the government. That shows there was a high-quality construction taken into consideration by the manufacturer. There is also a high-end rubber for an even greater fit. Moreover, the design is so subtle that it does not attract a lot of attention. Therefore, opportunistic criminals passing by might think twice about attempting to steal. The paddle is equipped with a soft internal sponge for more cushioning. However, the soft material delivers a low-speed smack that is useless for offensive players. We expect a bouncy rubber in a product like this because of the price and projected use. It is recommended for beginners and maybe even intermediaries, but definitely not professionals.

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Killerspin JetBlack Combo – A Stylish & Heavy-Duty Product $

Do you want a paddle that offers the full playing package? The Killerspin paddle has an elegant black-on-black design that sets it apart from the competition. When players show up with this beautifully designed paddle in hand, all the opponents will know that you mean business. This type of design is unseen in the other products in this list that have the traditional red or black blades with wooden handles. Once this product arrives at your home it will come in a zippered-case sleeve that has a yellowish-lime green logo featuring a shadowed table tennis player on the front. It has a strong construction made of the 5-layer wood blade that creates the ultimate strength when hitting the ball. Best for offensive players. That type of power is a lot stronger than the others ones on the list. Moreover, the Killerspin paddle is made of a 1.8 mm sponge surrounding the Mitrx-4Z rubber, which creates a decent speed and heavy serves. It helps block counter strikes in a good fashion. There is a flexible PVC tape around the blade for the ultimate protection against the elements, bumps, and bruises. It should not break easily. This unit has a flare handle that produces extravagant spin shots because of the increase in control. It comes in a combo package with accessories assisting intermediate-level players. This is one of the best hardcore table tennis paddles for competitions. You can expect a package with 2 rackets and 4 ping pong balls. The performance ratings are Spin: 9, Power: 7.5, and Control: 7.

Performance or Technical Issues

Customers say that this product is poorly made. Additionally, multiple customers have reported that the blade started peeling after 3 to 4 weeks.


  • Extremely stylish; unique black-on-black themed design
  • Best for offensive players


  • Expensive; cost one cent shy of the $50 mark
  • Has a flimsy case
  • The paddle does not conform to tournament rules

Should You Buy This Paddle?

It might be the best option for intermediate players. Professional players will like the performance of this paddle, but they will dislike the fact that it might wear out quickly. All units are made with high-end rubber for strength, although some verified customers say otherwise. Moreover, the units are stylish and usually high performing. The poor construction peeling could be a result of a lot of use over time. However, some customers might feel that these units should not peel at all. So, the possible defectiveness and expensive price might not be worth the trouble of buying this paddle.

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DHS Ping Pong Paddle Table Tennis Racket Bat 4 Star – A Basic Paddle That Does The Job $

This is a basic ping pong paddle that does the job properly. It is not too special or too bad. This product is so basic that it comes in a traditional cardboard packaging that you will find in big-box stores. Nothing fancy. The unit is for table tennis and racketball games. One side of the blade is black and the other side is white. These are traditional 4006-Penhold colors. The base handle is made of a strong wood that is very sturdy. There is a Landson Wrist Support for players who prefer an aggressive offensive play. Can be used for different types of handling styles, but is best for those who play with the penhold handle. Chinese players are on the manufacturer box with Chinese lettering at the bottom. China is where this product is made. Although some Chinese companies are known for manufacturing subpar products, this one has a good quality. There are 7 solid wood layers for the blades. You could smack the ball around a good amount of times without worrying about it breaking. Also, it is lightweight for a quicker reaction. You could easily keep up with the competition using this paddle. Made with high-end leather and high-action materials, you will improve your offensive skills in no time. The performance ratings are Speed: 9/10, Spin: 8.5/10, and Control: 7.5/10. Best for entry-level competitions. It gets a 4-star rating.

Performance or Technical Issues

You can only return the product for a full refund on a new or like-new unit. Any other condition will not be accepted.


  • Affordable
  • Has a fun design on the package
  • Excellent reviews
  • Great for intermediate players


  • Cheaply made
  • Customers report that the rubber stinks

Is This Paddle Recommended?

This product is recommended for beginner and intermediate players, but professional players might want to choose another product from the list. This one is great for Chinese players who practice the penhold gameplay style. Moreover, if you purchased a ping-pong table for leisure and need some cheap paddles quickly, then this would be a great choice. It has excellent reviews and was manufactured by a reliable brand.

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Buyer’s Guide

Made In The USA

There are many table tennis paddles made in other countries, particularly China, but it seems that the USA makes high-quality products. Chinese-made paddles are cheaper, but might not last a long time. It really depends on the brand.

Take A Look At The Base Materials

Always ask yourself what is the paddle’s base materials? Some paddles are made of 85% natural wood with glass fiber, carbon fiber, or compressed paper reinforcement. However, aluminum and titanium are found in the newer paddles because these materials are stronger and last longer. Between the rubber surface is usually a sponge that could be made of any material. However, the base is usually made of wood.

Does The Paddle Come In Sets Or Single Blades?

Always ask yourself if the product comes in a single blade or in a set. For under $50, a bundle set is always the best choice. You will get more bang for your buck.

Speed, Spin, and Control Ratings

The blade speed is very important for aggressive players. The speed score is calculated between 0 and 100. Therefore, a great speed rating is a 9/10. On the flip side, the faster a paddle, the less control the player will have. More control means less speed.

International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF)

Look for paddles that abide by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) rules. This is an organization that ensures the rules of table tennis competitions stay fair.

Choose Your Handle Carefully

  • Flared – A locked grip
  • Anatomic – A balanced grip
  • Straight – A slight grip

Look For A Paddle That Is Good For Your Preferred Grip

There are two types of grips:

  • Penhold – This grip is mostly used by beginners. It is a traditional way to play table tennis
  • Shakehand – This grip is mostly used by professionals. They usually have mastered the penhold grip and that is one of the reasons they now use this one. It normally feels more comfortable in their hands and allows them to play a bit better

Size & Dimensions

There are various sizes to choose from when buying a paddle. Preferably, a paddle should be 10 inches in length, 6 inches across, and 4 inches for the handle. The thickness around the sponge should be between 1.2 mm and 2.5 mm.

Warranty Information

Always check the warranty information. Choose table tennis paddles made by companies that will issue a full refund if anything goes wrong or if you are dissatisfied with the product.


There are many table tennis paddles for under $50. Many buyers would think that the more expensive a paddle the better the quality. However, this list shows that the ones that cost the most might perform subpar, but the cheaper ones might be better quality and offer better value.

The future is unpredictable, but most players are looking forward to advanced response blades that can help them get better control of the ball. This will create a more interactive gameplay that is very fun. This innovative piece of technology will make the gameplay faster, players will get more competitive, and the crowd will be better entertained. Some paddles are better than others, but the ones that come in the sets have the best value.

Our Best Choice

Time to grab the marching band and have the drum major show off his skills. An important announcement is coming up!

Our choice for the best paddle is … the BeLegend Ping Pong Paddle Set. Not only does it only have 5-star reviews on Amazon by real customers who made verified purchases, but it is the one that offers the best price. This product delivers the best of both worlds. The base materials are very strong and will perform well for professional players. Moreover, there is a money-back guarantee offering a full refund for customers who decide to change their minds at the last minute. Many buyers would pay a premium price for the freedom to do this, but they have this option at no extra charge with BeLegend. You cannot go wrong by purchasing a paddle set created by this company. The set is stylish, and there are government approved properties interwoven into the design, showing the high-quality craftsmanship and reliable performance features.

This is the magical table tennis paddle set that totally dominates the entire list!

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