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For improving your quickness, boosting hand-eye coordination, increasing agility, staying quick on your feet, or just logging a lot of high-energy healthy fun, a ping-pong table around the house is a winner. Keep in mind, though, that the style and quality of the equipment you choose is a big factor in the results you get and the style of your game. If you find yourself struggling to get better at a challenging sport like ping pong, take a close look at whether your table, rackets, and even the ping pong ball you use might be substituted for an improved version for better play and top performance.

With any ping pong table, you will want to take a close look at the components it is built of and the way the structure is put together to get an idea of whether it is a reliable and sturdy playing surface. When you are on the hunt for an outdoor ping pong table, especially, it is even more crucial to find the right combination of materials, construction, and company reputation that will assure you a consistent playing experience.

In this review, we’ll look at a handful of outdoor tennis table options. Three of the tables fold for easy transport and storage as indoor and outdoor ping pong tables, and one model is designed to be permanently set up outside. Next, we will consider some key elements of the best outdoor ping pong tables in general, and discuss some features to be aware of as you look for a table that fits your needs the best. We’ll compare features and details between them all and give you our pick of which is the best outdoor ping pong table for your game.

Our Rating of the Best Outdoor Ping Pong Tables

Cornilleau 400M Crossover Table Tennis Table: Best Overall Indoor and Outdoor Table$$$$$

For almost half a century Cornilleau has been designing and manufacturing their own table tennis tables and equipment at their headquarters in France. The 400M crossover table tennis table is easy to fold up and transport from the patio to the game room or wherever it needs to be set up. This may be the ideal indoor and outdoor ping pong table for community centers and schools that need a sturdy, well-built table that can fold up for transport and storage, as well as homeowners who love the game and value quality equipment.


  • Superior materials and construction from a company that specializes in table tennis
  • Multiple layers of weatherproofing protect the playing surface
  • Ten-year warranty on surface and structure
  • Oversize wheels for stability in transport


  • Cost may exceed family recreational equipment budget
  • Tabletop thickness at 6mm is adequate but lower than most indoor tables
  • Oversized wheels and frame casing takes up more space than other tables

The Details

With a decent 6mm thickness for good bounce and playability, the Cornilleau 400M Crossover indoor and outdoor table tennis table is a solid choice for a school, community recreation center, or family investment that can be enjoyed inside at night and through the cold months as well as outdoors in the warmer days and folds for storage. The resin-laminated surface is designed to hold up to the elements very well if the table is destined to spend most of its time outside. Cornilleau’s patented MATTOP finish claims to reduce glare by up to 10 percent for better vision and less eyestrain during hot bright afternoon games outside, but some players find it may change texture and ball spin slightly in extreme heat.

As a crossover ping pong table meant for both indoor and outdoor use, the 400M is built with a support structure that is made to take the rigors of folding, set up and take down, and transport in and out of the house many times over the years to come. The top is supported with a 1-3/4″ galvanized steel frame connected onto folding legs that are easy to set up and take down. The 400M comes complete with a retractable net that automatically folds into storage safely between the tabletop sides when not in use.

For outdoor ping pong table transport especially, larger wheels such as the 200cm (7-3/4″) set on the Cornilleau’s crossover models provide improved stability and movement over the varied terrain you are likely to encounter when moving the table to its spot for set it up outdoors. Not only are the wheels tall they are also 32cm (1-1/4″) wide, set in twin formation to increase their weight-bearing capacity and support of the table with improved maneuverability even on uneven terrain. The oversized wheels provide improved clearance over bumps or rocks and allow passage through backyard hazards with ease.

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Cornilleau 250S Crossover Table Tennis Table: Best Family Indoor and Outdoor Foldable Ping Pong Table $$$$$

From Conilleau, a French company that has specialized in design and manufacture of excellent table tennis equipment for nearly half a century, the 250S is part of their recently introduced line of portable tables for indoor and outdoor play. All of the Cornilleau crossover tables are made to last and still play well in tough conditions outside and to stand up to the challenges of the outdoor elements, as well as hold up to repeated folding up and moving back and forth from inside the house to out in the yard across all types of terrain. For families who like the flexibility of a table that goes inside or out easily, the Cornilleau 250S crossover is a good recreational investment.


  • Solid top coating and weatherproofing features lets the 250S remain outdoors
  • Oversized wheels for greater stability in transport
  • Made by a company with a great reputation for specialized table tennis equipment


  • Tabletop thickness is somewhat thin at 5mm
  • Cost may be a deterrent for some budgets

The Details

The Cornilleau 250S Crossover indoor and outdoor table tennis table is a good choice for those who enjoy casual recreational play and expect consistent solid playing conditions. While the 5mm top is on the low end of the table tennis tabletop thickness range, it is adequate for a recreational table that will serve as an indoor and outdoor playing surface and move between the two areas. Highly competitive players may demand a heavier playing top for improved ball response.

The weatherproof features of the 250S are among the best available on any outdoor ping pong table. Over the wood top is a thick layer of clear protective resin with the gray surface color baked in for permanence in all weather conditions. The company then tops the resin with a melamine shield to protect against racket dings and other impacts to the playing surface. The top layer is Cornilleau’s patented SOFT-MAT® coating for reduced reflection that is ideal for less reflection in bright sunny outdoor playing conditions while retaining great ball response for spin and control.

The support structure under the surface on the 250S is built to do the job of providing solid support when set up, with the option of folding and transporting as well. With a 1-1/2″ galvanized steel frame bracketed to galvanized-steel legs, which are protected with a weatherproof resin outer shell, the 250S will provide a firm base of support to your game.

When it’s time to pack up the table for the day, the 250S folds up smoothly. Cornilleau has patented a foldable support system with 16 security points that lock in place, which the company calls the DSI® safety system. When set in place, the table stays securely set but is then easily released with a single handle, accessible from the edge of the table. The oversized wheels, nearly 8″ inches each, improve stability and allow smooth transportation over various surfaces on the way from inside to out and back.

Each side of the 250S has brackets for storing two rackets and three ping pong balls so you are always ready to spring into action and get a game going with no time lost hunting for the equipment you need. The net is weather-resistant polyester that can be adjusted for tension and height as needed. For storage, the net can be retracted to store neatly between tabletop halves and out of the way.

While quality indoor and outdoor ping pong tables from a reputable company like Cornilleau are not cheap when compared to some lightweight flimsy options available on the market, the results you are likely to get in the quality of your table and potential for subtle but noticeable improvements in your game may be worth the investment.

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Harvil Outsider Table Tennis TableBest Budget Folding Ping Pong Table $$$

The Harvil Outsider Table Tennis Table is a suitable low-budget foldable outdoor ping pong table for families who don’t have thousands of dollars to invest in a recreational investment. Made of an aluminum composite top and powder-coated steel tube legs, the table will hold up to outdoor conditions well enough but is unlikely to give a highly satisfactory playing experience for serious ping-pong enthusiasts or competitors.


  • Portable and foldable for transport
  • Locking wheels for secure storage and play
  • Foot levelers to adjust for uneven surfaces


  • Thin metal composite top likely to provide inadequate and unpredictable bounce
  • Some of the supports and hinges may require careful handling in folding and transport
  • Two halves of tabletop do not join together but are held together by net brackets

The Details

The Harvil Outsider table tennis table provides a sufficiently sized and fairly level surface with a net in between to allow players to bounce a ping pong ball back and forth. Many players who play at a level beyond novice hobbyists in the game, however, may be disappointed by the quality of the Harvil Outsider ping pong table. With its 4mm (approx. 1/10″) top thickness, the Outsider is one of the thinnest tops available in an industry that sees tabletops of 9-13cms (approx. 1/3″ to 1/2″) for many good quality home tables and 18-22cms (up to 3/4″) or more in competitive tournament play. The fact that the top is aluminum composite material makes the issue worse, as metal surfaces are less predictable than solid wood in bounce response generally. Especially near the center where the table lacks adequate sub-support, the bounce is often inadequate for the level of play most serious players would expect.

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Cornilleau 510M Outdoor Stationary Table Tennis TableBest Full-Time Outdoor Table $$$$$+

Built to withstand constant exposure to all the elements and continue to offer superior table tennis play the Cornilleau 510M outdoor stationary table is the choice of recreation centers and parks around the world. The table is also found in the yards of homeowners who want the same durable, stylish, and sturdy ping pong table at home.


  • Top grade materials built to withstand any elements outdoors
  • Professional quality construction and structural elements
  • Low glare surface reduces eye strain and improves daytime playing conditions


  • Requires a permanent space; not meant to be portable
  • Premium price for quality and durability plus company reputation for excellence

The Details

With a 7mm top that is coated with resin laminate and protected with clear melamine that resists nicks in the surface from errant rackets, the 510M holds up in all conditions outdoors and continues to provide a superior playing surface. The bounce meets ITTF standards and the spin and ball control that come from the company’s exclusive MATTOP glare-reducing finish give great results for all levels and types of players. The top sits on a 2-1/4″ galvanized steel frame and permanent legs that can be bolted in place. While the 510M comes standard with a steel net designed for environments that can be subject to vandalism or misuse, a conversion kit is available separately to attach a standard fabric net.

The 510M is a heavy-duty, stationary outdoor ping pong table that is one of the best for its purpose. If your yard has space for a year-round table that remains in place through all the seasons, and your budget has room for an investment in recreation, the Cornilleau 510M is a great choice for a sturdy table that you can expect to play with pleasure for years to come.

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Buyer’s Guide: What to Look For in an Outdoor Ping Pong Table

Setting up and playing table tennis outside leads you to some important issues to consider before you choose your table and get started. Of course you will need an area with adequate space, usually recommended as about 25′ by 15′ clear of any obstructions or hazards to ping pong play. Next, the quality of materials and details of manufacture are always important to keep in mind with any investment in sporting equipment, of course, but the value of a well-made table built of sturdy materials matters, even more, when the table spends a lot of time outside where the elements are tougher.

Facing everything from the extreme cold to intense heat, from moisture to the melting rays of the midday sun, an outdoor table has to have the strength to endure the elements and not warp, crack, sag, or wobble. Even subtle factors like the reflective shine of the gloss surface can make a big difference in your game results when you are playing in bright sunshine during an afternoon of ping pong on an outdoor table.

Tennis Table Top

The part of the ping-pong table that makes the most difference in the quality of the response you get from the ball is the tabletop itself. The playing surface starts with a sheet of wood, either solid or plywood, or sometimes a metal composite in less expensive tables. Manufacturers produce different types of table tennis tops in various thicknesses as little as 4cm (about 1/10″) for home play and up to 22cm (over 3/4″) or more for tournament tables.

The thickness of the ping pong table top is a key factor in the results you will get out of the game. While thinner wood or even a lightweight metal composite surface weighs less and is easier to ship around the world and move around the house and backyard, the thinner playing surface results in less bounce when the ball skips off the surface.

Not only is the bounce response significantly less with a much thinner tabletop, but it can be very inconsistent as well. Depending on the support structure beneath the table and other factors, you may find a noticeably different bounce quality in different points around the surface of a low-quality ping pong table. Of course, competitive players don’t want to worry about where the bounce decreases on the table; they expect a consistent response from all areas of the surface.

Many recreational players can live with the limitations of a thin table top in their game. For fanatics who play the game with passion and aim to constantly improve and even compete in the sport, though, a flimsy surface will hold back your game. Naturally, your budget will be the main factor that decides the quality and thickness of the table you choose. Not only are thicker tables bulkier and harder to move, but they also tend to cost more, as you would expect.


On top of the tabletop itself are the elements of an outdoor ping pong table that will either stand the test of time outside or fail to thrive in the elements. The durability of the weatherproof surface comes down to the layers of materials that the company applies to protect the wooden playing surface from the elements.

First, there should be a thick coating of protective resin over the wood surface. This may be topped with a strong coating film, sort of like the clear plastic layer you may apply to your cell phone to protect the surface from unintended impacts to the surface.

The surface texture is critical to the play of the game for competitive players. The ball reacts to the surface it strikes at speed, giving it spin or slowing spin as needed. Manufacturers of the best tables test and fine-tune the materials that make up the top coating carefully to ensure the surface is not to slick nor too sticky.


Considering the table from the top down to the ground, the elements to think about in terms of design, construction, and quality materials start at the top. Beginning with the net, the brackets holding it in place the proper distance above the table top, and go on down to the table surface itself (as discussed above), continuing down below to the supporting structure under the table.

All the materials that the company uses in construction together add up to the quality of the table you use in play. You will want to be sure that the table you choose has the support below the surface to stay steady and firm even in the heat of action. Ping pong is a very fast-paced, extremely active game that depends on a solid, unmoving support of the table for best results. If the legs or supports wobble or shimmy during play, the game is a mess.

Extra Details

Beyond the essentials of a good quality table top and solid support from there down to the ground, some details that matter in a ping pong table include: corner protectors to guard the edges of the table top from impacts or dings, storage racks built into the table for rackets or balls so equipment doesn’t get separated from the playing area, wheel brakes for stability and safety while in play and in storage, and even leveling feet to even out uneven ground surfaces. Not every table will have all the details, but it is worth considering what extras and nice details you might get for the price you put into your ping pong table.

Best Outdoor Tennis Table – Cornilleau 400M

For those with the budget to afford the price tag, the Cornilleau 400M Crossover table tennis table for indoor and outdoor use is a great value. Built to last in the elements and survive many trips in and outside for years of excellent play, you can count on Cornilleau to deliver a ping pong table worth the investment.

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